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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Doing Time In Kitteh Jail

Okay, so one of us has been behaving badly... that being said... who done it?
*TONY* My bad! My OCD has been getting the best of me, and I've discovered some latent STINK in the corners of our territory. While on patrol in the living room, my nose picked up the scent of Eau De CatPee, and without even thinking about it... my glands just EXPLODED!
I got no hearing and no trial... they just threw my big fat cat butt into KITTEH JAIL!
Mom's not too happy about my behavior and Papa just looks the other way. I overheard Mom sayin somthing about another visit to the Vet along with some blurbs about Purrzac fur me. I'm on to them though, this could be a looooong Summer.

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