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Sunday, July 31, 2011


Okay for any of you who read the article in today's Parade... don't believe evfurrything you read. First they proclaimed that dogs are smarter than us KITTEHS.  Ha!  Just because we don't RESPOND to an average of 165 words, doesn't mean that we aren't aware of their meaning.  We just don't feel like responding!  It's called selective hearing, and like it or not... it adds years to our 9 lifespans.  We'd say that's a pretty SMART plan.  We can do our THING without supervision, and who needs STAMINA when we got AGILITY?  Then they have the audacity to say we lack a dogs' versatility and drive!  What the?!  We can contort our fluid bodies into the most VERSATILE positions known to the mammal kingdom.  As for DRIVE... well we're experts at DRIVING our humans to the brink of insanity.
We say to all our fellow felines... unite and show your superiority, but first be sure to fulfill your 80% daily quota in REPOSE!

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