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Friday, July 29, 2011

Layin Back In Kitteh Jail

*TONY* Although I was the offending party in the CATPEE mayhem, we both get put in the slammer when ever either one of us commits a feliony. This may not look like a rigorous sentence... but trust us... being confined to a room with soft music and an overstuffed sofa is rough! As you can see, we're suffering great hardship. The sound of the ROBOFEEDER cranking round to our next meal is just torturous.  The five squares of kibble a day can get pretty monotonous, so we supplement with some of the nearby plants in our cell.  Fiber is a good thing.
We don't know yet what our minimum sentence is, but it's lookin like this stint is only for another 24 hours. Just enough time to catch some Z's and dream up more trouble.

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