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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Out On Furlough

Just like some of our 'government' compadres, we've been 'fur'loughed. Since it's been a few days of lock-down, our shelves had run low of those all important provisions.  The NOM compartment was completely empty, and we were gettin close to havin a HISSYFIT.
As you can see we loaded up on our fave organic non GMO kibbles and gourmet eats.  It cost extra, but we slipped the cashier Mom's credit card, and threw in some extra 'tuna treats'... just in case the government goes into complete meltdown.
Our cart had an annoying squeaky/wobbly wheel that attracted some attention in the market... but that was fine by us KITTEHS, since we just adore attention!

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