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Monday, August 1, 2011

Bored With Politics

We don't know about any of you KITTEHS out there, but we're gettin pretty bored with all this 'Political Wranglin'.  So long as our kibble bowls are kept fortified, then we're happy.
We could use a CATNIP reform policy that allows for full availability of the NIP for all uses, not just for medicinal purposes.  Of course, we'll need at least half the Tabbie vote, and two thirds of the Purebred and Domestic Shorthair initiative.  Guess we'll need to do some campaigning and lobbying for our purrticular special interests.  Like we said all this Politics is gettin our dander up.  Even a good brushing hasn't helped to shed that itchy undercoat that could be the bane of our agenda!
Instead of concerning our bright KITTEH minds with more POLITICAL NONSENSE... we think we'd rather do what most of our legislators turn to in crisis mode... PLAYIN A ROUND!

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