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Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Art Of Tinkering

This is the time of year where we ready our Catmobile for the coming inclement weather patterns.  We start by climbing onto the hood and NAPPING since it's usually warm and toasty after a quick lap on the fureeway.  When the engine has cooled, we raise the hood and extract any remaining heat with our paws by Kneading the engine block and radiator... Any oils or grease we pick up help to moisturize and keep our Paw Pads supple and smooth.  It's always enjoyable to listen to our favorite Catmobile Show on Purrblic TV,  'CAR TALK' with KIT & KAT... They provide humor and 'questionably sound' advice while we 'TINKER' with our Ride.  There's something very meaningful about enjoying the art of 'doing it ourself'... Where else can a CAT feel such an accomplished sense of PURRIDE aside from just being a Cat?
Tinkering under the hood of our Catmobile.

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