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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Spirit Orbs With Whiskers

As the days grow shorter and the nights cool to bone chilling temperatures, our Furry undercoat begins to take root, and we prepare fur the season of Cats, Bats and Slithering Rats.  This past weekend, our Mom came home from a celebratory family event with lots of photos to share with us.  Upon furrther inspection, we spied a series of anomalies which sent shivers down our arched backs and furry tails.  These anomalies of 'Ghostly Spirit Orbs'... gave us great 'Paws' making their effervescence visible.  There were large bright white Orbs, and smaller brilliant blue Orbs which seemed to surround their subjects.  Although we are normally quite the 'Scaredy Cats', we felt only Benevolent Energy by their presence.  As two very 'Sensitive' Kittehs, we consulted our Reverend Madame Fang fur her interpretation of the photographs.  Her Wise Catclusion was that these 'Orbs' were the 'Spirit Energy' of dearly beloved relatives who have passed on Over The Rainbow Bridge, and were drawing upon the Purrsitive Energy of the happy event.  Even though our Whiskers quivered, and our Ears were twitching by the sight of these Ghostly Orbs... We felt relieved and protected... Since Halloween is just around the bend, we wanted to be prepurred to face the goblins who might terrorize us... lest Mom gives them Treats to stave off any Trickery.
Prepurr yourselves all EarthCats... for October..... is the Month of Bewitching!

Happy Halloween!
By: Doreen Erhardt
By: Robert Eberz

Halloween Cat
By: H.D. Rinehart

Alley Cats Halloween (Bud & Tony)
By: Betty Matsumoto-Schuch


  1. Betty, I got a real chuckle out of this adorable Halloween story! Love your choice of cards as well! Congratulations on Winning The Blog Carnival 3.
    Janet Lee

  2. a fun read...your choice of designs gets my creative juice going, always fantastic to win something!

  3. Congratulations Betty. Your alley cats card is adorable and what a great verse. Good winning too.

  4. Betty, very cute and creative story. Congrats on your win.


  5. great choices on the cards to go with your fun story.

  6. Very clever story, Betty. :) I love your kittehs and your cards. :) Congrats on the win!