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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Kitteh FURustration

Hello all you Kitteh fans!  It's been a week since we last posted any purrsonal Meows, but we've been rather FURustrated with Blogger lately. Fur some odd reason it refuses to 'link' our pictures to our prefurred locations... so if you get the 'NOT FOUND ERROR 404' message when you click on our picture, it's because Blogger is behaving very badly fur us.  We've tried the Blogger forum fur some help in this matter, but thus far, have not attained any assistance... Must be all those 'DOG' people jumping the 'help line'!  Needless to say, until this purroblem gets sorted out, we won't be able to share our latest activities with 'purrtinent' visual links.   That being said... our Mom still insists on posting our activities... but as you can see... things are a bit 'slow' around here...  We've resorted to the 'self-indulgence' of CatNip tea, Salmon muffins, and the ultimate KITTEH THERAPY... 'Word Puzzles'.
Cats Doing Crossword Puzzle Birthday (Bud & Tony)
Doing Word Puzzles while waiting for BLOGGER HELP!

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