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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tony VS Puff The Magic Dragon

After a long stint in Kitteh Jail, I (Tony) was finally given a furlough fur a few days to build up my self confidence.  I did the usual patrols around the available spaces which I am allotted.  Three of the available rooms were deemed 'OFF LIMITS' as noted by their closed doors.  Since I had made my purresence known earlier in those three rooms with a Tail Shakin 'SPRITZ' or two... freedom to roam with impunity has put the purrverbial 'damper' on my Kitteh Style.
As I roamed the corners of my favorite haunt... the 'dining room'... I came upon a mysterious APPARATUS which BECKONED my curiosity.  It appeared somewhat DRACONIAN.  That purrticular corner was my favorite place to 'TAG', so I strutted right up to it... ready to Fire a healthy SPRITZ, and OH MY COD!... I got the furight of my FELINE FUR!  I hit the ground runnin, knowing all too well that today was not my day to Slay any Dragons.
Mom is still hoping that 'ole' Puff the Magic Dragon will cure me of my incessant need to 'TAG' in the recessed corners of our home... furankly... I'm not quite sure why I do it either.  All the experts say that I'm an 'insecure' Kitteh... but I believe that I'm just trying to DOMINATE the SITUATION.  Today it was Puff The Magic Dragon (1)... Tony (0)... 'Tomorrow'... however... may be the day for me to EVEN THE SCORE.
Puff The Magic Dragon Scores A Win!

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