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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Becoming One With Nature

This past week we decided to devote ourselves to reducing our carbon PAW PRINT.  We drank our tuna water using a filtered tap rather than from plastic bottles, and walked everywhere we needed in lieu of jumping into our CatMobile.  We planted a lovely organic garden, growing fresh Catnip and Kitteh greens, as well as hanging our laundry out to air dry. We also took advantage of the morning sun puddles to warm our furry bellies instead of firing up the space heater.  Sun puddles are natures' solariums.
Along with our environmental purreservation efforts we did some AVIAN scouting.  We were tempted at times to make a quick MEAL out of our feathered subjects, but alas, we refrained from any such barbaric notion... We are definitely REFINED KITTEHS.
Our jaunts through the woods has given us a healthy appreciation fur the comforts of home... We realized that becoming one with nature involves becoming one with fleas!

Growing organic Catnip & Kitteh greens.

Avian scouting...Hmmm looks Yummy!

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