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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

iCE CREAM For Our Tummies

Now that all that political DEBT yowlin is quickly becoming OLD MEWS, it's time fur some joy in our ever expanding tummies.  Despite our periodic bouts of 'lactose intolerance', we still enjoy imbibing in a double scoop of our favorite flavors of, Calico Cherry, or Finicky Fudge.  Never mind that we'll pay for our indulgences later in the day with occasional explosions of gassy bellies. . . it's all worth it to us.  Mom and Papa will just have to live with our 'belly blow-outs' for a short while. . . although they can make our whiskers curl with their own noxious contributions.
Summers are all about lounging in Sunpuddles and lapping iCE CREAM from a CatNip Cone, with our iPhone handy, while readin our Horoscopes on our iPads or listening to our iPawed.
Never mind the debt. . . the U.S.A. still has a AAA rating, so have a couple of scoops of Vanilla goodness and chase it with a couple of LACTAID TABBIES.

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