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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Kibble Market Turmoil? Grab That Line Of Safety!

As we watch our KIBBLE INVESTMENTS ride the market like a bad 'coaster' ride... it's looking like there are going to be some 'leaner' days ahead fur our hungry KITTEH bellies.
Our FANCY FEAST, and FRISKIES are waaaay down in value, so we're looking closely at the more stable part of our portfolio... the 'CATNIP' market.  The NIP has always been our 'go to' commodity, so we're hitting it pretty hard lately.  Fresh Nip, Dried Nip, Nip infused balls, Nip tea... enough to send us clear out to NIPTUNE!
Our safety net of KIBBLES has always been our lifeline, and we never thought it would be in peril... but here we are... two KITTEHS up in the air with only one parachute, and half a bin of dry kibble left.
Time to do what any self respecting KITTEH would do...Go for that 'LINE OF SAFETY'... leap for one of our NINE LIVES and hang on tight, since half a bin of kibbles and one parachute is better than none at all.

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