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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Meditate With Paws Tucked In

As we watched the TICKER TAPE displaying our KIBBLE INVESTMENTS sliding into the LITTER BOX, it only seems reasonable that we find a way to ease the stress of all that fur raising dander....


Finding just the right environment is necessary fur optimal sensory concentration, so we've chosen our freshly raked ZEN GARDEN litter box.  Note our emphasis on 'FRESHLY RAKED'.  Sights, sounds, and 'SMELLS' will affect our meditative ENERGY, thus, freshness is key.
Once settled into a soft swirl of sand, we tuck our paws in, and begin our transcendental trance. Also remembering to wear a PRAYER BEAD COLLAR is good karma.

Meditate with paws tucked in,
Transform your daily CHI'.
Celebrate the YANG & YIN,
Of peaceful cat to pesky flea.


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