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Monday, August 15, 2011

Watchin The Candidates

We found ourselves in the midst of some of the 2012 candidate hobnobbing...and we were just trying to score some extra NOMS fur supper.  It was at the County Fair while we were playing the Catnip Ball Throw.  Some humans came up to us with their sleeves rolled up and patted us on the muzzle and squeezed our jowls.  Such indignation for us proud KITTEHS!  It's enough to make us want to register our big fat cat asses with the county... just to vote these bureauCats out!
Needless to say we managed to dodge the gauntlet of political paparazzi and had ourselves some tasty corny dogs, and fried catfish.  We did spy some plump field RATS amongst the hay bales where the politicians stood spouting off their promises... must have been their security de'tail'.

It's the end of our day and we've managed to snag some FRESH SUSHI in a bowl, and a cool MOUSE balloon, so we were happy FAIR goers. Love those SUSHI NOMS!... the POLITICIANS... not so much!
Snagging some Sushi Noms at the County Fair.

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