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Saturday, September 24, 2011


(Tony) I am such an AWESOME KITTEH that Mom made a 'soft sculpture' of me using the FUR that she collected from my latest grooming.  Now one could say that my Mom has waaaaay too much time on her hands that could be better spent on helping to SAVE THE WORLD or something like that... but I think she cannot help herself.  When the need to 'create' takes hold she gets into a furrenzy and voila!... INSTANT KITTEH ART!  What better subject than MOI!
Awesome KITTEH Portrait!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tony VS Puff The Magic Dragon

After a long stint in Kitteh Jail, I (Tony) was finally given a furlough fur a few days to build up my self confidence.  I did the usual patrols around the available spaces which I am allotted.  Three of the available rooms were deemed 'OFF LIMITS' as noted by their closed doors.  Since I had made my purresence known earlier in those three rooms with a Tail Shakin 'SPRITZ' or two... freedom to roam with impunity has put the purrverbial 'damper' on my Kitteh Style.
As I roamed the corners of my favorite haunt... the 'dining room'... I came upon a mysterious APPARATUS which BECKONED my curiosity.  It appeared somewhat DRACONIAN.  That purrticular corner was my favorite place to 'TAG', so I strutted right up to it... ready to Fire a healthy SPRITZ, and OH MY COD!... I got the furight of my FELINE FUR!  I hit the ground runnin, knowing all too well that today was not my day to Slay any Dragons.
Mom is still hoping that 'ole' Puff the Magic Dragon will cure me of my incessant need to 'TAG' in the recessed corners of our home... furankly... I'm not quite sure why I do it either.  All the experts say that I'm an 'insecure' Kitteh... but I believe that I'm just trying to DOMINATE the SITUATION.  Today it was Puff The Magic Dragon (1)... Tony (0)... 'Tomorrow'... however... may be the day for me to EVEN THE SCORE.
Puff The Magic Dragon Scores A Win!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Grateful Kittehs

A quick Meow-out Thank You to: nitecruzr and remoonline from the Blogger forum help.  We're grateful for all the help we can meowuster.  We Kittehs can be rather 'dim' when it comes to all this technical know how... or in our case... 'Not much' know how.
Aside from our lack of 'thumbs', our paws can get in our own way... along with our Furry brains.
We'll get to the bottom of our Blogger issues, once we've had our 16 hours of napping in the south sunpuddle, or when we've mowed down the fresh CatNip in the east window.  Our nine lives are fur too short to furett about technical difficulties.  We'll shake it off with some relaxing Kitteh Tai Chi.

Cats Tai Chi Birthday (Bud & Tony)
Tai Chi for Kitteh stress relief.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Kitteh Discovery!

Now that we've CLAWED THE EYES OUT of every plush toy in our basket... we've come to the realization that our Blogger DID create a 'link'... DUH!   Only that 'link' can only be accessed by clicking on the 'CAPTION' underneath our picture.  Why this has happened... only the Blogger Gods can understand... because WE sure don't!  Okay... so we're NOT the most TECH SAVVY Kittehs... but at least we're still AWESOME, PROUD KITTEHS!!!

Kitteh FURustration

Hello all you Kitteh fans!  It's been a week since we last posted any purrsonal Meows, but we've been rather FURustrated with Blogger lately. Fur some odd reason it refuses to 'link' our pictures to our prefurred locations... so if you get the 'NOT FOUND ERROR 404' message when you click on our picture, it's because Blogger is behaving very badly fur us.  We've tried the Blogger forum fur some help in this matter, but thus far, have not attained any assistance... Must be all those 'DOG' people jumping the 'help line'!  Needless to say, until this purroblem gets sorted out, we won't be able to share our latest activities with 'purrtinent' visual links.   That being said... our Mom still insists on posting our activities... but as you can see... things are a bit 'slow' around here...  We've resorted to the 'self-indulgence' of CatNip tea, Salmon muffins, and the ultimate KITTEH THERAPY... 'Word Puzzles'.
Cats Doing Crossword Puzzle Birthday (Bud & Tony)
Doing Word Puzzles while waiting for BLOGGER HELP!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Spirit Orbs With Whiskers

As the days grow shorter and the nights cool to bone chilling temperatures, our Furry undercoat begins to take root, and we prepare fur the season of Cats, Bats and Slithering Rats.  This past weekend, our Mom came home from a celebratory family event with lots of photos to share with us.  Upon furrther inspection, we spied a series of anomalies which sent shivers down our arched backs and furry tails.  These anomalies of 'Ghostly Spirit Orbs'... gave us great 'Paws' making their effervescence visible.  There were large bright white Orbs, and smaller brilliant blue Orbs which seemed to surround their subjects.  Although we are normally quite the 'Scaredy Cats', we felt only Benevolent Energy by their presence.  As two very 'Sensitive' Kittehs, we consulted our Reverend Madame Fang fur her interpretation of the photographs.  Her Wise Catclusion was that these 'Orbs' were the 'Spirit Energy' of dearly beloved relatives who have passed on Over The Rainbow Bridge, and were drawing upon the Purrsitive Energy of the happy event.  Even though our Whiskers quivered, and our Ears were twitching by the sight of these Ghostly Orbs... We felt relieved and protected... Since Halloween is just around the bend, we wanted to be prepurred to face the goblins who might terrorize us... lest Mom gives them Treats to stave off any Trickery.
Prepurr yourselves all EarthCats... for October..... is the Month of Bewitching!

Happy Halloween!
By: Doreen Erhardt
By: Robert Eberz

Halloween Cat
By: H.D. Rinehart

Alley Cats Halloween (Bud & Tony)
By: Betty Matsumoto-Schuch

Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Art Of Tinkering

This is the time of year where we ready our Catmobile for the coming inclement weather patterns.  We start by climbing onto the hood and NAPPING since it's usually warm and toasty after a quick lap on the fureeway.  When the engine has cooled, we raise the hood and extract any remaining heat with our paws by Kneading the engine block and radiator... Any oils or grease we pick up help to moisturize and keep our Paw Pads supple and smooth.  It's always enjoyable to listen to our favorite Catmobile Show on Purrblic TV,  'CAR TALK' with KIT & KAT... They provide humor and 'questionably sound' advice while we 'TINKER' with our Ride.  There's something very meaningful about enjoying the art of 'doing it ourself'... Where else can a CAT feel such an accomplished sense of PURRIDE aside from just being a Cat?
Tinkering under the hood of our Catmobile.