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Friday, December 9, 2011

Busy Kittehs

Seasons Greetings Furiends.
It was brought to our attention, that we hadn't posted anything in a furry long time.  The truth be known is that we were up to our Paws in paper, glue, glitter and clay, creating gifts fur this Holiday Season.
There is something so furry special about a sweet PAW CREATED GIFT made with tender loving care.
We've been known to leave many "GIFTS" fur Mom and Papa... usually on the carpet or trailing out of our  Zen Garden Glitter Box, but fur some reason, they don't seem to appurreciate the "HOME MADE" qualities of our creations.  Let it be known that a really GOOD FUR BALL is quite challenging to COUGH UP!  We're guessing that our nice "GIFTS" can be somewhat subjective to the recipient.  So it's no wonder that Mom frowns at our spontaneously generous KITTEH GESTURES.
It's the 'THOUGHT' that counts... so say's the wise MADAME FANG... So we 'THINK' we'll just leave a nice THOUGHTFUL REGURGITATED GIFT on the fureshly cleaned carpet, following our hearty SNACK'A'ROO on MOM'S PRIZE POINSETTIA!

Wishing you all a very
Rockefeller Center Kitteh Christmas

Pawsing fur the Hanukkah Lights