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Thursday, April 5, 2012


It took us a while to recover from our SPAM LITE bender, but WE'RE BACK!

We've been asked to 'Fill-in' fur our old crony PETE COTTONTAIL.  Turns out he's come down with a serious case of the 'hoptrotts'... we won't elaborate, that would be T.M.I.
Ole Pete gave us a lengthy list of Easter treats and tricked out hiding places along with a wheel barrel full of colored eggs. With the assistance of our associate, Uggi Duckling, we managed to hide all of our egg allotment in record time. They don't call us 'THE KITTEH EGGSPRESS' for nothing!
Somehow I (Tony) drew the short straw, and was anointed with 'BUNNY EARDOM'.  I found that if I cocked my ears just right, I could actually get NPR over the airwaves.
Even though Pete was supervising from his grassy perch, we could tell that he was grateful for our help. Hidden amongst the tulips and daffodils we found a hefty 'stash' of our fave Salmon & Tuna Noms and some 'street grade' quality Catnip. Ole Pete ultimately knows how to deliver!
After our momentous delivery stint, we came across some eggcellent examples of 'Easter BunnyDom'.  What better way to say Happy Easter than with an awesome card and some sweet treats.

By Betty Matsumoto-Schuch
Humor card: Happy Easter From the Cat Card Card
By Nikki Cutro

Animals / Pets card: Easter Critters Card
By Olivia

Big Eared Cat Happy Easter Greeting Card
By Tamara Dawn Adams