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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Kitteh's 9-9-9 Agenda

It occurred to us as we awoke from a refureshingly long nap that our lives as we know it already qualify fur a 9-9-9 solution.  Since our daily average nap time hovers around 9 hours per session... that furfills the first qualification.  Then there is, of course our designated standard '9 lives' upon which we rely on daily to survive the infinite perils of Kitteh antagonizers... Such imminent threats as the neighbors dog, or a toppled vase, can quickly expend one of our 9 lives... but then there's the dreaded VACUUM CLEANER which has been known to suck several lives from an unprepared Kitteh's soul.  Fortunately... with time... new lives can be recouped and reserved fur later use.
The final '9', in our case, is our designated 24 hour DISPENSATION of KIBBLE as programmed by our nemesis... the abominable ROBOFEEDER, which dispenses our 9 measly portions a day.
Never mind that it has been known many times to dispense an EMPTY portion... which is a flagrant VIOLATION OF OUR KIBBLE RIGHTS!  Despite this occurrence we've decided that a 9-9-9 solution fur us Kittehs is doing our part to bring NEUTRALITY to an already volatile situation.  Until then... it's time fur another 9 hour nap session.
Another 9 Hour Nap Session