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Monday, January 9, 2012

Fresh & New 2012

Happy 2012 to all of our devoted Kitteh fans out there! We hope your transcendence into the new year came with lots of family nearby and plenty of NOMMIES!
Like most hardy Kittehs... we overindulged waaaaay too much, and are now on a strict ROBOFEEDER REGIMEN.  Gone are the sardine snackies, salmon treats, chicken tenders, and our fave... heaping licks of Chobani.
Madame Fang gave us some of her Kitteh herb tea called 'SlimCats' which she hopes will assist in our effurrt to cleanse our evfur bulging tummies.  Mom's been workin some major overtime at our Zen Garden Litterbox as a direct result.
Our new AmarKat Kitteh climbing tree has been so much fun since we now OWN the top of the armoire.  From this vantage point, we can RULE over all who enter our KINGDOM.  That being said... Mom and Papa cannot reach us when we've been BAD KITTEHS!  A very good place to be!
After so much OVERindulgence we thought it's time to CENTER our KITTEH CHI' with a furesh start of mindful body and spirit... taking paws to work a daily PURRLATES routine... and think healthful KITTEH thoughts.  "ooohhmm....YOU GONNA EAT DAT?"
Take time fur some Purrlates.