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Sunday, July 31, 2011


Okay for any of you who read the article in today's Parade... don't believe evfurrything you read. First they proclaimed that dogs are smarter than us KITTEHS.  Ha!  Just because we don't RESPOND to an average of 165 words, doesn't mean that we aren't aware of their meaning.  We just don't feel like responding!  It's called selective hearing, and like it or not... it adds years to our 9 lifespans.  We'd say that's a pretty SMART plan.  We can do our THING without supervision, and who needs STAMINA when we got AGILITY?  Then they have the audacity to say we lack a dogs' versatility and drive!  What the?!  We can contort our fluid bodies into the most VERSATILE positions known to the mammal kingdom.  As for DRIVE... well we're experts at DRIVING our humans to the brink of insanity.
We say to all our fellow felines... unite and show your superiority, but first be sure to fulfill your 80% daily quota in REPOSE!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Out On Furlough

Just like some of our 'government' compadres, we've been 'fur'loughed. Since it's been a few days of lock-down, our shelves had run low of those all important provisions.  The NOM compartment was completely empty, and we were gettin close to havin a HISSYFIT.
As you can see we loaded up on our fave organic non GMO kibbles and gourmet eats.  It cost extra, but we slipped the cashier Mom's credit card, and threw in some extra 'tuna treats'... just in case the government goes into complete meltdown.
Our cart had an annoying squeaky/wobbly wheel that attracted some attention in the market... but that was fine by us KITTEHS, since we just adore attention!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Layin Back In Kitteh Jail

*TONY* Although I was the offending party in the CATPEE mayhem, we both get put in the slammer when ever either one of us commits a feliony. This may not look like a rigorous sentence... but trust us... being confined to a room with soft music and an overstuffed sofa is rough! As you can see, we're suffering great hardship. The sound of the ROBOFEEDER cranking round to our next meal is just torturous.  The five squares of kibble a day can get pretty monotonous, so we supplement with some of the nearby plants in our cell.  Fiber is a good thing.
We don't know yet what our minimum sentence is, but it's lookin like this stint is only for another 24 hours. Just enough time to catch some Z's and dream up more trouble.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Doing Time In Kitteh Jail

Okay, so one of us has been behaving badly... that being said... who done it?
*TONY* My bad! My OCD has been getting the best of me, and I've discovered some latent STINK in the corners of our territory. While on patrol in the living room, my nose picked up the scent of Eau De CatPee, and without even thinking about it... my glands just EXPLODED!
I got no hearing and no trial... they just threw my big fat cat butt into KITTEH JAIL!
Mom's not too happy about my behavior and Papa just looks the other way. I overheard Mom sayin somthing about another visit to the Vet along with some blurbs about Purrzac fur me. I'm on to them though, this could be a looooong Summer.

A great day for Expanding our Horizons

Today we've decided to take up some new hobbies. One of them being our introduction into the game of Pickle Ball. It kind of reminds us of a larger than life version of Ping Pong, only we have to hustle our furry little butts even more so. It's a good thing, however since Mom & Papa have us on calorie restriction lately. The veterinarian said that we needed to exercise more and drop a few pounds. It's no fun at all.  

*Tony*: I particularly am not happy with this calorie restriction crap, so I let Papa know by waking him up at 4:30 am every morning by pawing at his face, and standing on his chest. This causes great discomfort to him. Persistence is my primary virtue, so my tummy gets filled to my satisfaction. Now that's what I call EXPANDING my horizons!