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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Orange & Black Are Back!

Hello again to all our kitteh loving fans!  We've been hibernating since May since our 'staff' has been having so called 'writer's block', which we find very suspicious.  She blames it on the yappy dog next door... spoiling her creative sensibilities.  We say NONSENSE! We're taking over this gig once and fur all!
We've been learning to type despite the absence of 'opposable' thumbs, and have become quite adept at both 'hunting & pawing' the keybird as well as 'texting'.  Learning something new is our latest game, and we say just in time fur this month where Orange (Tony) my purrsonal favorite color and Black rule the season.  Even the San Francisco Giants are 'on board'! ... Okay so they were here first ... Whatever...
This Halloween season has inspired us to take on a 'stealthy' more mysterious ideology.  Expanding our spiritual connections to meditation and martial arts, our traditional Shinobi Shozoko (Ninja Uniform) has become like our second Fur.  We're purrparing to take on any enemy in the darkness of night, and that 'yappy' dog next door may be our furst conquest!  Purrhaps the marauding, fig nabbing, hole digging squirrels should be next!
In the mean time, we'll continue to hone our keybird skills and covert methods of combat.  As mercenaries we shall observe strict rules of honor and if need be ... high tail it to safety under the bed.
We may be Stealth Ninja Warriors by night ... but by day ... we're still a couple of Scaredy Cats!

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