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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Enjoy The Great Outdoors

Now that the lazy days of Summer are almost over, we decided to gather our walking poles and head out to the Great Outdoors.  The morning air is crisp and we love the sounds of chirping birds and squirrels... which always triggers our healthy Kitteh appetites.  Our Veterinarian has always told us that staying active is good fur our physical and emotional well being... Not that we don't enjoy our 16 hour Naps, and batting around a toy mouse or two.  The outdoors just offers a more stimulating challenge, but we always have our ears and whiskers perked, just in case the local Hawk or Mockingbird decides to dive bomb us from their towering perches.  Ah yes... such is the life of an indoor Kitteh... a chance to go on PATROL... even if it is only within the confines of our back yard.

Nordic Walking in the Great Outdoors.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Be Prepared

We've had our Kitteh noses square on the national mews lately since there has been so much that Mother Nature has delivered lately.  First there was the very unusual Earthquake in Virginia, which it appears that many a Kitteh felt the P-Waves prior to the shaking. We are indeed super sensitive to these natural occurrences as are our fellow quadrupeds.  Now comes hurricane Irene, making her way up the Eastern coast like a ginormous flushing bidet, swirling and hurling.  Our natural Kitteh instinct is to head fur dry ground and stock up on extra Kibbles, bottles of Tuna water, and Kitty Litter.  One could then ride out the brunt of the storm knowing that they are well prepared Kittehs!

Stay safe all you fellow feline furriends.
Stocking up on Kibbles & Tuna Water.
Kitteh disaster preparedness.

Thursday, August 25, 2011


Be KIND to your fellow KITTEHS... Doing so begets POSITIVE CHI', and GOOD KARMA.  We have but only NINE LIVES to merge with the universe... make them matter.  And have plenty of NOMS to share too.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Finding Kitteh Solace

Today was a good day to confur with Madame Fang, our wise Kitteh Reverend.  As she purrs it, not all days are going to be filled with good energy and positive Chi'.  This was one of those days where our normal jovial Kitteh behavior came back to bite us in the purrverbial Kitteh ass.  Madame Fang says that good days and bad days all come down to 'intentions', and not all kittehs think the same.

After a day of introspection, some purraying and a few hail meowies, we came to the conclusion that thinking wise and thus behaving wisely will better serve our Kitteh world.  After all we are still very loving Kittehs with good hearts and good karmic intentions.  Scrolling through the world's news is a good way fur us to appreciate what we have.  A warm, safe home to curl up and nap in, lots of Catnip toys, and an endless supply of kibbles and noms.  By that alone... we still have faith in tomorrow's Good Chi'.
Good Day! Good Chi'!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Becoming One With Nature

This past week we decided to devote ourselves to reducing our carbon PAW PRINT.  We drank our tuna water using a filtered tap rather than from plastic bottles, and walked everywhere we needed in lieu of jumping into our CatMobile.  We planted a lovely organic garden, growing fresh Catnip and Kitteh greens, as well as hanging our laundry out to air dry. We also took advantage of the morning sun puddles to warm our furry bellies instead of firing up the space heater.  Sun puddles are natures' solariums.
Along with our environmental purreservation efforts we did some AVIAN scouting.  We were tempted at times to make a quick MEAL out of our feathered subjects, but alas, we refrained from any such barbaric notion... We are definitely REFINED KITTEHS.
Our jaunts through the woods has given us a healthy appreciation fur the comforts of home... We realized that becoming one with nature involves becoming one with fleas!

Growing organic Catnip & Kitteh greens.

Avian scouting...Hmmm looks Yummy!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Watchin The Candidates

We found ourselves in the midst of some of the 2012 candidate hobnobbing...and we were just trying to score some extra NOMS fur supper.  It was at the County Fair while we were playing the Catnip Ball Throw.  Some humans came up to us with their sleeves rolled up and patted us on the muzzle and squeezed our jowls.  Such indignation for us proud KITTEHS!  It's enough to make us want to register our big fat cat asses with the county... just to vote these bureauCats out!
Needless to say we managed to dodge the gauntlet of political paparazzi and had ourselves some tasty corny dogs, and fried catfish.  We did spy some plump field RATS amongst the hay bales where the politicians stood spouting off their promises... must have been their security de'tail'.

It's the end of our day and we've managed to snag some FRESH SUSHI in a bowl, and a cool MOUSE balloon, so we were happy FAIR goers. Love those SUSHI NOMS!... the POLITICIANS... not so much!
Snagging some Sushi Noms at the County Fair.

Friday, August 12, 2011

An Upbeat Furriday

So things are looking up, the market has rallied back... somewhat... and we still have the FUR on our backs.  Our KIBBLE bin is almost back to it's glory days, but we still remain cautiously vigilant.  We never know when some SQUIRRELLY RAT may infiltrate our stockpile.  Needless to say, we decided to paws at our favorite hang out and treat ourselves to a Meowgarita, then it was off to Bud & Tony's Macaroni for some Niparoni and Pink Velvet cake.  Okay, so we indulged a bit too much, but for a couple of FINICKY KITTEHS, we felt it was a rather quaint and pawdestrian meal... nothin too fancy.  Our bellies are quite satisfied.
Such a great way to wind down the week... Twitterin with our furriends, and sharing some amusing video clips on our FB page.  Now that's what we call a Fricken Fun Furriday!

Enjoying our Meowgaritas.

Dining on Niparoni & Pink Velvet Cake!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Kibble Market Turmoil? Grab That Line Of Safety!

As we watch our KIBBLE INVESTMENTS ride the market like a bad 'coaster' ride... it's looking like there are going to be some 'leaner' days ahead fur our hungry KITTEH bellies.
Our FANCY FEAST, and FRISKIES are waaaay down in value, so we're looking closely at the more stable part of our portfolio... the 'CATNIP' market.  The NIP has always been our 'go to' commodity, so we're hitting it pretty hard lately.  Fresh Nip, Dried Nip, Nip infused balls, Nip tea... enough to send us clear out to NIPTUNE!
Our safety net of KIBBLES has always been our lifeline, and we never thought it would be in peril... but here we are... two KITTEHS up in the air with only one parachute, and half a bin of dry kibble left.
Time to do what any self respecting KITTEH would do...Go for that 'LINE OF SAFETY'... leap for one of our NINE LIVES and hang on tight, since half a bin of kibbles and one parachute is better than none at all.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Back In The Slammer!

TONY speaking here... Okay, so I had a bit of a lapse in my KITTEH judgement, and sprayed the wall in the dining room.  Mom sniffed it out, gave me her 'flared nostril, squinty eyes' look, and promptly threw my BAD KITTEH ASS into KITTEH JAIL!  Once again, I don't know what came over me... I blame it on my OCD.  It flared up since hearing about my KIBBLE INVESTMENTS tanking after yesterdays MARKET PLUNGE!  I don't have any pics to share since I've retreated to the BUNKER, where it's dark and quiet.  Even meditation hasn't been enough to calm my twitching whiskers.

The weekend is ahead, time to put on my good KITTEH muzzle, and work on the mojo.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Meditate With Paws Tucked In

As we watched the TICKER TAPE displaying our KIBBLE INVESTMENTS sliding into the LITTER BOX, it only seems reasonable that we find a way to ease the stress of all that fur raising dander....


Finding just the right environment is necessary fur optimal sensory concentration, so we've chosen our freshly raked ZEN GARDEN litter box.  Note our emphasis on 'FRESHLY RAKED'.  Sights, sounds, and 'SMELLS' will affect our meditative ENERGY, thus, freshness is key.
Once settled into a soft swirl of sand, we tuck our paws in, and begin our transcendental trance. Also remembering to wear a PRAYER BEAD COLLAR is good karma.

Meditate with paws tucked in,
Transform your daily CHI'.
Celebrate the YANG & YIN,
Of peaceful cat to pesky flea.


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

iCE CREAM For Our Tummies

Now that all that political DEBT yowlin is quickly becoming OLD MEWS, it's time fur some joy in our ever expanding tummies.  Despite our periodic bouts of 'lactose intolerance', we still enjoy imbibing in a double scoop of our favorite flavors of, Calico Cherry, or Finicky Fudge.  Never mind that we'll pay for our indulgences later in the day with occasional explosions of gassy bellies. . . it's all worth it to us.  Mom and Papa will just have to live with our 'belly blow-outs' for a short while. . . although they can make our whiskers curl with their own noxious contributions.
Summers are all about lounging in Sunpuddles and lapping iCE CREAM from a CatNip Cone, with our iPhone handy, while readin our Horoscopes on our iPads or listening to our iPawed.
Never mind the debt. . . the U.S.A. still has a AAA rating, so have a couple of scoops of Vanilla goodness and chase it with a couple of LACTAID TABBIES.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Bored With Politics

We don't know about any of you KITTEHS out there, but we're gettin pretty bored with all this 'Political Wranglin'.  So long as our kibble bowls are kept fortified, then we're happy.
We could use a CATNIP reform policy that allows for full availability of the NIP for all uses, not just for medicinal purposes.  Of course, we'll need at least half the Tabbie vote, and two thirds of the Purebred and Domestic Shorthair initiative.  Guess we'll need to do some campaigning and lobbying for our purrticular special interests.  Like we said all this Politics is gettin our dander up.  Even a good brushing hasn't helped to shed that itchy undercoat that could be the bane of our agenda!
Instead of concerning our bright KITTEH minds with more POLITICAL NONSENSE... we think we'd rather do what most of our legislators turn to in crisis mode... PLAYIN A ROUND!