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Monday, February 20, 2012

Secret Indulgences

SSSSHHHHHH! Don't tell any kitteh... but we have a big secret that we've been hidin.  We've been breaking into the pantry and sneakin some SPAM LITE.  First we lap up the juice, then we nosh on the meaty parts all around the edges.  In the wee hours of the morning... we fire up the RICE COOKER when Mom and Papa are in the REM ZONE and make our selves some SPAM MUSUBI.  A little 'seaweed', rice, and furesh SPAM... furied up and we're quickly transported into the Carnifurous Kitteh Zone!  Oh how "We love the smell of SPAM in the morning!" Throw in some furesh Catnip, Kitteh greens, and we got a breakfast that would make a Kitteh's tail spin.
Mom knows about our big secret... but purrtends not to.  She even leaves the furying pan out fur our convenience.
Evfurry Kitteh has a secret... some of which linger in the recesses of their territory.  It's what makes a Kitteh so inscrutably mysterious.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Heart Your Kittehs

Next week is one of our favorite holidays of the year. We find that we get loads of extra hugs and nommies on Valentine's Day... as should be the case evfuryday. As Cupid's day draws near, we kittehs have noticed more salmon and tuna tidbits making their way to our tummies via Mom's 'weak pushover' streak.  We've learned how to BEG with DIGNITY... but if you believe that... then we've got some KITTEH SWAMPLAND to sell you.  There is no shame in 'yowling' for noms, just as there is no shame in a 16 hour nap!  We kittehs earn evfury treat that hits the floor.  We live by the '2 Second Rule'... who ever gets the treat in 2 seconds... RULES.
There are many ways in which to earn 'Mousy Points' during this month of Hummingbird Hearts, Chocolate Mice, and those special Meowtinis.  Start with lots of head butts, shin rubs and shoe worshiping... and not to be furgotten... be extra neat and tidy in your Zen garden litter box... that is be sure to 'disengage your load fully' before exiting. Tootsie rolls are NEVER a big favorite gift to leave.  That is considered 'cheap' and 'unsophisticated'.   We also always offur up plenty of Kitteh massages using the heel of our paws to give maximum deep tissue relief.  Extra points can be earned when focusing on the uppurr back and neck areas.
All of this Kitteh butt kissing should result in a steady stream of spectacular treats, high tech Kitteh toys, and a new crop of Catnip spiked with salmon oil essence.
Happy Valentine's Day!  Love Your Kittehs!
For those who believe Valentine's Day is only for humans... just remember... your Kitteh has already put in a web order of Chicken liver treats and fresh Catnip Kiss balls.... You just don't know it yet.