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Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Ahhh, it seems that Summer is finally upon us Kittehs.  Streaming through the windows are enormous glowing sun puddles where we can bask in their glorious warmth and healing energy.  Time to shake out our furry bedding and opt for the 'nubby' berber carpet to drag our itchy bellies across.  A Kitteh's life doesn't get any better than this!
We feel refureshed, and enlightened evfur since Mom read the new book by our hero 'Cat Daddy', Jackson Galaxy.  Inspired by his teachings, Mom has made great strides in helping us Kittehs to gain self confidence by ramping up our Kitteh Mojo.  We've risen to great heights... litterally, thanks to our Armarkat tree which extends our patrols higher than we could imagine.  No longer does our nemesis... the dreaded vacuum cleaner furreak us out.  The 'Cat Daddy' has great tips in his book fur all sorts of Kitteh 'Issues', and believe us... we've experienced just about evfury one. 
With our new found Mojo, we Kittehs have found tranquility in the Zen Zone...
Strike a yoga pose and harmonious Chi' will envelope us with the essence of soothing jowel scritches and dreams of Fancy Feast.  NAMASTE KITTEHS

The Zen Zone

Jackson Galaxy Our Purrsonal Hero!

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