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Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Okay, so we know it's been a very long time since we last posted. It seems that our primary staff has been on a 'writer's strike' and refused to manage any of our blogging effurts. Perhaps some of our antics and episodes have swayed her decision to 'gag' our meows. So what if we pissed her off by peeing and pooping inappropriately. She's not purrfect either! We've been under the bed covers when she or her mate have generated enough methane to gas an adult elephant, but we furgive them evfurry time. We Kittehs always have chosen our besties unconditionally, so now that we're back in the Bloggisphere...it's time to re-boot our Kitteh Mojo and be the amazeballs that we were always meant to be.

At least we've been able to keep our minds intellectually occupied with socially redeeming excursions. Nothing that an occasional visit to the GlitterBox wouldn't cure.

Right now our lives are good... all 18 of em!
Keeping busy with socially redeeming activities

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