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Monday, September 11, 2017

Change Happens & Life Moves On

Tony: August 2000- January 26, 2017
There have been many days, weeks, months and even years that have passed since our last posting. Since then I, Tony have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on January 26, 2017, joining my brofur Bud.  Mom & Dad were devastated, but didn't want me to suffer the ravages of chronic kidney failure any longer.  I gave them cuddles and kitty kisses for taking care of me all these 17 years, with the last 2 years composed of daily subcutaneous fluid administration to keep my kidneys going.
We all knew it was my time to cross, but it was still hard to say goodbye.  Mom stayed by my side with the Dr. while I crossed, but Dad was just too sad to be in the room.  I felt Mom kiss my head and I went peacefully to sleep, but when my soul left my body I rubbed my cheek on Mom & Dad as I had always done when they held me.  I felt their love and gratitude for all the years we shared, and as I crossed the bridge, I lit two stars for them to find peace in my passing.
They say that time heals all wounds, and although there is some truth to this adage, I believe that sometimes change and renewal can be a savior to those suffering great loss.

On February 12, 2017, I got Mom & Dad to head on down to the the Nine Lives Foundation No-Kill Cat shelter, http://www.ninelivesfoundation.org and view the many Kittehs up for adoption.  Mom was still grieving and very emotional upon seeing all the kittehs in need, but with my help from the beautiful cloud of Kitteh Heaven, I lit up those two bright stars down upon a bonded pair of five month old kitten brothers.  Mom was immediately drawn to the two boys, and Dad was just along for the ride... that is until a volunteer placed them, one each on their laps to cuddle.  Those two stars that I lit from Kitteh Heaven were sealed with immediate love, and that was that.  Paperwork was signed, and thus began the healing of Mom and Dad, and the beginning of a new chapter in their Kitteh loving lives.
BJ & TJ 6 Months old
The two rambunctious boys were named BJ, short for Bud Jr. and TJ, short for Tony Jr.  You don't think I would send them Kittehs that weren't a constant reminder of Bud & Me would you?
BJ is white with a black mask, black tail, and black markings, while TJ is white with... of course, Ginger/orange markings, and a total Ginger tail!
Once these boys came onto my old stomping grounds, I knew they would take over the place, but I was okay with that.  Mom and Dad, on the other hand, were completely unprepared for two wild and crazy Kittehs tearing up the place figuratively and litterally... pun intended.
It took some work, but BJ & TJ have rooted themselves into their forever home, and I am glad that I sent these silly boys to keep Mom & Dad on their toes.
From time to time, I feel Mom & Dad feeling my absence while admiring pictures of me hanging in their offices, and I send them sweet brushes of love with my cheek.  They will always know that my love for them was unconditional and my devotion forever pure and true.

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  1. Sendin' healin' purrs to your peeps to help mend their broken hearts. PURRS.